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Monday, August 29, 2011

The Bizarre Little Bracelet

 Well here it is.  The Bizarre little bracelet  that I just made as a sample for a class that I am teaching at a local high school on a polymer clay techniques.

This is why I needed that Black Premo Clay.  I am so glad that the clay came good in the end as I was down to my last block of black clay. The stone skull focal bead is sure to be a treat for the boys in the class.

I've also planned on an alternate bracelet for anyone that prefers more of a traditional design.

Just to the left is an image of all the polymer clay bead parts that the secondary school students will be making on the day.

Plus the spooky little skull bead; just in case someone wants that affect.

They'll also be making a pair of polymer clay earrings for themselves, their mums, girlfriend, nanna, a teacher.  Who knows.  Who ever gets them will surely love 'em.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

This particular one was as tough as an old tire

I've just conditioned an old block of Premo Black Polymer clay that I had laying around for a while and I gotta tell you "It was as touch as an old tire... you know like one left out in the sun for ages". 

I could tell as I was slicing it up that it was going to give me a hard time.  Every slice was dry with white bits.  Thank goodness for the Sculpey Clay Softener.

It only took about five or six drop of the clay softener and a little bit massaging to make it right as rain.  I nearly thought that I was gonna have to bring out the ole' food processor.  Good thing that I didn't have to go that far with it.  Anyhow, all's good!

Okay, now to get back to the claying table. No rest for the weary.


I am now accepting expressions of interest for this class that will be offered towards the end of the year.

This one day class is designed to showcase the versatility of the three Contemporary Clays used in the CCIP Certification.

• Air Dry Clay (Makin's Clay ®)

• Polymer Clay (Sculpey – Premo!)

• Metal Clay (PMC – Precious Metal Clay)

The class focuses heavily on techniques: you will learn about the use of moulds, finishing your piece professionally, application of embellishments such as Pearlex Powders, construction and adhering your clay to other objects.

Three innovative projects will be covered allowing you to create components to assemble:

• Air Dry Clay – Raku Vase

• Polymer Clay – Journal or sketch book cover.

• Precious Metal Clay – PMC & Polymer Clay Earrings

This class also allows people who wish to enrol in the Contemporary Clay Instructors Program to have the work created in the Introduction Class credited towards the completion of the CCIP Certificate One.

Participants will receive a $100 credit off the price of Certificate One.

Materials student should bring: Pen/Pencil & Notebook (if you would like to take notes) and an Apron.

Includes most materials - you will need to supply a small A6 spiral notebook (approx 105 x 148mm). Plus a small bud vase - glass or porcelain 15cm high x 7cm base x 3cm mouth). This class includes instruction and written notes.

Monday, August 15, 2011

3D Kaleidoscope Cane

Bearded Purple Iris Cane
I've taken a little bit of a break from working with PMC.  Although I am really enjoying PMC... I needed to get a sample Kaleidosope Cane made for a class that I have been asked to teach in the Hunter Vallery, in November.

Yes, it's been quite a challenge getting this cane to come out with a 3D affect.

Did it with only two blocks (equiv) of clay.  I had to get really creative with the use of the clay.  There's a Skinner blend in there, as well as a striped loaf cane and a spiral cane, too.

Lots of technique in that little baby.  I'm telling you.

Friday, August 12, 2011

"Nirvana" the Second in a Series of Six

Here She Is

 Yep, she's a big one alright!  Definately a showpiece.  This is an Advanced Level Technique in PMC that I will be teaching in my Sydney Studio Apartment further down the track.

Sacred Heart "Nirvana"
Fine Silver with 4mm Cubic Zirconia
Measures: 2.3cmW x 1.8cmD x 4.2cmH
Weight: 19gms
 The second heart in the Series of Six.

 This one contains a crown of thorns over the body symbolising bondage and suffering which is evident on the surface of its breast; in the vein of a parched and encrusted wilderness.

This heart does not contain a flame, meaning that the suffering has terminated. She holds a three petal flower head on the crest signifying healing and within it is a jewel representing the presence of a precious existence.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

To Wing it or Not to Wing it

Well here is the Spider Heart with a red flame that I riveted to it with copper wire.

I'm not so sure if I like the Faux Bone wings that it's sitting on. I had planned to attach the wings with rivets but now I don't know.

One thing that is putting me off is that the wings look a bit like antlers to me. That's not so sexy.

Another option is to use two-part epoxy but that would be a permanent bond. So if I were to use screws to attach the faux bone to the heart... it's easy to remove and then I have to work out a way to hang it.

So many decisions and so little time.

Monday, August 8, 2011


Nirvana - that is the name of my second heart in the Series of Six.
On my worktable is a heart that I have been working on today.  It's nearly complete.  This one contains a crown of thorns over the body symbolising bondage and suffering which is evident on the surface of its breast; in the vein of a parched and encrusted wilderness.
This heart does not contain a flame, meaning that the suffering has terminated.  When it’s complete it will hold a three petal flower head on the crest signifying healing and within it is a jewel representing the presence of a precious existence.

The reveal won't be long.  I'm just waiting to receive a delivery of metal clay safe cz's that I ordered from Jennifer Tattam at Metal Clay Australia yesterday.

Friday, August 5, 2011

The "Spider Heart" with more revealed

After receiving a blog response from fabulous, PMC Artist and good friend, Pam Annesley from Perth, Australia... last night.  I did as she suggested regarding the partina.

I took a bit high grid micro paper to bring back to silver the high spots.

Worked wonderfully and now the beautiful details is revealed.

And it look great, too!

Thank you, Pam for the excellent suggestion!

To visit Pam Annesley's fantastic website for classes in Perth and awesome gallery images go to:

I'm now ready to work on the wings.  I think that I may do that today.  The red flames with Red Anodised metal is gonna have to wait until next week... that's when I'm expecting my order to come in.  More soon!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Behold the Spider Heart

As you can see I've maintained the general shape of the heart... however, it decided that it wasn't to look like the sketch.

I'm okay with that; except that I'm not so sure about the patina.  I think I might clear it off and bring it back to shiny silver.

I'll still add the wings and flames though, 'cause I really like that idea.

Might sleep on it tonight. Who knows, I may feel differently about it in the morning.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sacred Heart sketch

It's great to be back after a long holiday in the states to see my family and long time friends.After visiting San Antonio, Texas, I was inspired to create a series of sacred hearts on my return.

Life has been so busy and things are finally settling down that I'm back in the studio making some of these things a reality.

I began this morning sketching out an idea of what I have been formulating in my mind. As I drew and erased and drew some more I finished with this image and now on my studio bench envolving beautifully.

It's a mixed media piece.  The wings will be made of faux bone and rivited on.  I think that I'll make the flames from 24 gauge Red Anodised Aluminum sheet and rivet that into the top opening of the hollow form.

I'll post up a finshed pic when it's all completed.