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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Who says a Zebra can't Change it's Stripes?

Today I made this Translucent Skinner Blend Stripe Cane‏ with a bit of yellow that I mixed up and a bit of green.  Seems like I'm always picking those two colours for some reason.  Don't know why, guess I just like 'em.

I love this technique that I learned from a Donna Kato tutorial.  She's one of my favourite polymer clay artists.  She's always making fabulous things with bold designs and colours.

Below is an image of the pillow beads that I made using this skinner blend plug. I find that it's better to use a sheet of white clay, rolled on the #3 setting, as the base. Unless you'd like to bring forward another colour. So in this case, I shaved thin slices from the cane and applied them randomly over the top of the white sheet of clay.

This fresh summer bracelet includes coral beads and shell pearls. The shell pearl beads are spiral encased in 20 gauge non-tarnish artisan wire.

Made this for a flyer promoting a caning class that I'll be teaching at Studio Amara in the Southern Highlands later in the year.

A limited number of unique and original loose beads created with this cane will be available for purchase on my website soon!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Primitive Sacred Heart

This piece is an influence from my Latin American culture.  I can recall images of the sacred heart during my childhood and while attending church services with my grandmother.   The Sacred Heart (also known as the Sacred Heart of Jesus) is one of the most famous religous devotions to Jesus' physical heart as the representation of His divine love of Humanity.

I built this with PMC and Faux Bone.  The two pieces are fastened with copper tube rivets; so essentially the heart is floating on top of the Faux Bone which I painted with acrylic paints to give it the look of time worn timber. I roughed up the faux bone with a checkering file prior to applying the acrylic paints.

A fabulous invention by Robert Dancik:  "Faux Bone" is a new, user friendly, inexpensive and extremely versatile material. Faux Bone™ can be cut, and carved, sawn and sanded. It can be filed, hammered, polished, drilled, stamped, riveted, inlayed, dyed, and painted. It can look like ivory, have the patina of aged ceramic, be polished to a pure white, or, of course, look like bone".

Friday, January 1, 2010

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