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Monday, September 5, 2011

Kaleidoscope Cane Jewellery

Here's an example of a Kalediscope cane that I made recently, with Premo Polymer Clay, for a class that I'm teaching in the Hunter Valley Southern Highlands in November.

This is an image that may be used in promoting my class at Studio Amara.  The class is scheduled for Sunday the 20th of November in Berrima, NSW.  Kathy Guerts is now taking booking for this class.
I really like using the Skinner Blend technique in this particular cane because it gives it so much dimension.  Quite 3D, I think.

Pretty good colour variations with less than three blocks of clay.

As you can see... I was having a little fun with Photoshop's layering and cloning tools in the image above.

I love the way that you can create unique and original jewellery with Polymer Clay. 


Wilma said...

Hi Hector
Love the cane - where are you teaching in the Hunter Valley and when in November. Rememebr I live in Newcastle .... so hoping I can come too?

Hector Vera said...

Hi Wilma, I'm teaching at Studio Amara and Kathy Guerts is now taking booking for the class, in Berrima, NSW. Thanks for the lovely comments. Hope to see you there.