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Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Little PMC Bird House

There are a couple of Welcome Sparrows that live in my shed.  They come back every year.  It worries me that they keep building their mud nest in there 'cause when we go away... we have no choice but to lock it up.  But they come back again and again.  It doesn't seem to worry them.

Sometimes they even speak to us in their birdie way, whilst we're having breakfast on the back veranda... they come and swoop in to get our attention.

I know what they want and immediately go over and open the shed door for them and they shoot straight through.

Today, as I prepared to leave the farm for a luncheon-date with friends in town another friend came for a visit.

This time is was a two-metre long python snake that used to live in the old chook house that I demolished long ago.  I didn't like to demolish it but it had to go because it was falling down.

The carpet snake (python) used to live in that old chook house.  It was easy picking for it... when there were chooks and eggs.   I never did get to raise my chickens.  It turned out to be something on my wish list after moving out here.

However, I did get my rose garden.  That was short lived because the wallabies (mini kangaroos) loved them more than me.  It was impossible to keep the beautiful flowers on them because as soon as they came out... they were gone.  Who knew that wallabies loved roses so much.

So anyway, back to the python.  It crawled up under the pickup truck.  So driving that ute to town was not to be today.  I was more worried about it getting chopped up by the fan motor, than getting strangled, so I left it.

I hope that it's made it's way out.  And what about the welcome sparrow's nest?  I wonder if the babies will be safe from that snake.  Somehow,  I think they will be fine because it's a long way up there and I haven't seen a snake up on the rafters before; not in my shed anyway.

So what does this story have to do with these images?

Only that I was in the mood to build a bird house with PMC today.  Just got a little side tracked with the snake.

Anyhow, I think that I prefer the patina with the golds, blues, greens and purples that came out  in this piece.

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